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Have you ever thought that we should do more for our veterans?


...Us too!

We are Square Foot Ministries and we love veterans! That is why we have set out to help those veterans who have served us so well. By joining forces with some amazing partners, we have made it possible to build homes for well deserving veterans and their families. Square Foot Ministry has set a goal to build one houses for a deserving veteran all on Veterans Day 2013. But, we do not want to stop there... Not only do we want to build one house we want to build it in 12 hours! Say this is impossible, we we have built one in 10 hours in the past, so we are setting the challenge higher and would love to have you join in. Volunteer to help us out on one of the ten build happening all over the state of Georgia. The Veterans have already served us, now it is time to serve them. Are you ready... Let's do this!


​Square Foot Ministry is a Christian based home repair and construction ministry located in Fayette County Georgia. Our goal is to serve the Lord our God through serving those in need. Our Board of Directors, friends and volunteers come from all denominations of faith and walks of life.​
​​Square Foot Ministry provides an opportunity for people to put their faith and love into action. Diverse groups of people work together to make affordable housing and better communities a reality for everyone, creating a community where bonds between individuals can grow.​
We work together to identify families and non-profit organizations that can benefit from our ministry. When a need is identified we formulate a plan to meet that need through the combined efforts of our members, local churches and volunteers in the area​.
Our goal is to employ God's gifts of resources, talents, and wisdom for the purpose of providing shelter and home repairs for the needy in Fayette County and surrounding areas.​

The Mission of Square Foot Ministry... to employ God's gifts of resources, talents and wisdom by creating and providing shelter and home repairs for the

needy in Fayette County and the surrounding areas.​

The Vision for Square Foot Ministry...​
... is to express God's love to the world by giving those in a position to help the opportunity to help those who need it.​

The Foundation for Square Foot Ministry...​ the basic belief that 99% of what we do for God is accomplished by helping to provide for for other people.

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